Half Yearly Report on 15.5 MW Gas Based Combined Cycle Power Project at

Banskandi, Cachar, District, Assam.

(ending March,2007 )



1.    Conditions stipulated by the Assam State Pollution Control Board vide their letter No. WZ/Z-II/T-668/94-95/35 dated 13.12.1995 are implemented and the details are stated below.

i.           Air, Water, Soil pollution is not created by the Industry beyond the permissible limit prescribed by the Board.

ii.         To maintain the environment and ecology in the area, plantation with selected species is done in the premises.

iii.       Application for ‘Consent to Operate’ was submitted to PCB, Assam in January,2006; the consent is awaited. Cess returns are submitted regularly upto March,2007.

iv.      Solid wastes that arise during operation are disposed off in the waste disposal pit for landfill.

v.        Fire warning system provided in the power plant is active  and it is regularly tested.

vi.      Proper house keeping and adequate maintenance is regularly done.

vii.    All alarm / trip circuits are regularly checked and monitored to ensure shutdown of the plant in the event of danger.

viii.  Safe working condition is provided to the workers and regular health check up of workers is done by the medical consultant.

ix.      The height of the Chimneys are provided 30 mtrs. from the ground level.

x.        Complete burning of fuel is ensured in the gas turbines by the Low emission Combustion liner Assembly used in the combustors to make perfect combustion. Ambient air quality is monitored regularly; the suspended Particular Matter (SPM) is below 100 PPM.

xi.      Plantation is done in the premises to help preserve the top soil.

xii.    Adequate safe drinking water and hygienic sanitary facility is provided to the employees.

xiii.  Waste water discharge from DM Plant is neutralized and waste water from all installations are lead to the settling pond from where it is pumped for watering the plantation area. Water sample from the settling pond is tested / analyzed regularly for use in the plantation.

xiv. Silencers provided in all the GT units reduce the noise level. Noise level is monitored regularly and it is within the permissible limit.


2.       Closed circuit cooling water system for utilization of water in the condenser, coolers etc. is efficiently working  in the Power Plant.


3.       More than 14 acres of land has been covered with plantation with about 6500 nos. of trees planted in the area. Indigenous species such as  Acasia, Golmohor, Gamari, Teak, Bot along with some fruit bearing trees, namely - Mango, Jack fruit, Star fruit, Guava, Lichi are chosen after having consultation with the State Forest Department.


4.       The flow measuring devices, pressure and temperature sensors provided at the Plant side of the gas pipe line are working. The gas turbines are provided with uv sensors and auto trip system.


5.       The District Magistrate, Cachar, released the Off-site disaster Management Plan and mock drill was carried out once as per the Off-site Disaster Management Plan.


6.       The annual expenditure on account of environment management is Rs. 5.0 lakhs and this amount is not diverted elsewhere.


7.       Regular monitoring of air quality for SPM, SO2, and NOx is carried out and the pollution level is found to be within the prescribed norms. A copy of the analysis report is enclosed herewith.


8.       Ear protection devices such as mufflers, ear plugs are provided for use in the high noise area. Noise levels in eight hour exposure area for the working personnel do not cross 85 dBA. Record sheet of noise level at different locations of the Plant is enclosed herewith.


9.       An environment cell exists which implement, analyse & monitor different aspects.


10. The laboratory, set up in the plant with the required equipments, chemicals & reagents, facilitates monitoring of air and water quality and noise level at regular intervals.


With the above, we are pleased to inform that all the conditions stipulated by the MOEF in the letter noted under Ref:  No. J.3011/23/95-1A. II (T) dated 07.03.1996.are implemented and followed.