Half Yearly Compliance Report on Environment Stipulations for 15.5 MW Gas Based Combined Cycle Power Project at Banskandi, Cachar, Assam for the Period from

October ’2011 to March ’2012.


Ref:  No. J.3011/23/95-1A.II (T) dated 07.03.1996



With reference to the above, we furnish hereunder the item wise Half Yearly Compliance Report on Environment stipulations for the period from October ’2011 to March ’2012


Condition (i):  All the conditions stipulated by the Assam State Pollution Control Board vide their letter No. WZ/Z-II/T-668/94-95/35 dated 13th February, 1995 shall be strictly implemented.


Report:         1)    No Air, Water, Soil pollution is created by the Industry beyond the permissible limit prescribed by the Board.

2)   To maintain the environment and ecology in the area, plantation with selected species is done in the premises.

3)    Application for renewal of ‘Consent to Operate’ is submitted to PCB, Assam in January’2012; the consent is awaited. Cess returns for use of water are submitted regularly upto March’2012.

4)   Solid wastes that arise during operation are disposed off in the waste disposal pit for landfill.

5)    Fire warning system provided in the power plant is active and it is regularly tested.

6)         Proper house keeping and adequate maintenance is regularly done.

7)        All alarm / trip circuits are regularly checked and monitored to ensure shutdown of the plant in the event of danger.

8)        Safe working condition is provided to the workers and regular health check up of workers is done by the medical consultant.

9)        The height of the Chimneys is provided 30 meters from the ground level.

10)    Complete burning of fuel is ensured in the gas turbines by the Low emission Combustion liner assembly used in the combustors to make perfect combustion. Ambient air quality is monitored regularly; the Suspended Particulate Matter (SPM) is below 100 PPM.

11)    Plantation is done in the premises to help preserve the top soil.

12)   Adequate safe drinking water and hygienic sanitary facility is provided to the employees.                                                                                                                                       

13)    Waste water discharge from DM Plant is neutralized and waste water from all installations are led to the settling pond from where it is pumped for watering the plantation area. Water sample from the settling pond is tested / analyzed regularly for use in the plantation.

14)    Silencers provided in all the GT units reduce the noise level. Noise level is monitored regularly and it is within the permissible limit.

Condition (ii):           Three Stacks of 30 M height shall be provided for maintaining various emission levels within the prescribed limits.


Report   :                    Three stacks of 30 M height are provided to maintain various emission levels within the prescribed limit.


Condition (iii):         Close circuit cooling system should be provided and evaporation losses should be reduced by using the state of the art technology.


Report   :                    Close circuit cooling system for utilization of water in the condenser, coolers etc. is provided and is efficiently working in the plant. The temperature rise in the cooling water inlet to outlet of condenser is maintained below 8OC.


Condition (iv):          Only 33.3 acres of land should be acquired as proposed and a green belt of adequate width should be developed all around the power plant with at least 1500-2000 trees per ha. The selection of indigenous species may be made in consultation with the State Forest Department. At least 1/3rd of the land should be utilized for raising green belt. An Afforestation Programme clearly indicating physical and financial phasing should be submitted to the Ministry by 31st April’ 1996.


Report   :                    More than 14 acres of land has been covered with plantation with about 7600 nos. of trees grown up in the area. Indigenous species such as Acasia, Golmohor, Gamari, Teak, Bot along with some fruit bearing trees, namely – Mango, Jack fruit, Star fruit, Guava, Lichi are chosen after having consultation with the State Forest Department.



Condition (v):           Pipeline should be provided with flow measuring devices, pressure and temperature censure etc. at both terminals i.e. Gas Well end and Plant end. As proposed, the gas turbine should be provided with hydro carbon detectors and auto trip system. The route alignment of the pipeline should be provided with permanent markers.


Report   :                    The flow measuring devices pressure and temperature censors etc. at both terminals i.e. supply end and plant end are provided and working satisfactorily.  The gas turbines are provided with UV sensors and auto trip system.


Condition (vi):         The District collector, Cachar, should be requested to take up preparation of off site emergency plan as per the requirement of the Manufacture, Storage and import of Hazardous chemicals Rules of 1989 which were notified by the Ministry.


Report   :                    The District Magistrate, Cachar prepared and issued Off Site Disaster Management Plan as per requirement of the Ministry. Mock drill was also carried out to ensure effective workability of the Off Site Disaster Management Plan when need arises.

Condition (vii):        An amount of Rs 1.5 cores should be earmarked for environmental aspects in addition to Rs. 5 lakhs per year as recurring expenditure. The funds earmarked for environmental protection should not be diverted for other purposes and a separate Head should be maintained for this purpose.


Report   :                    For Environmental aspects Rs.1.5 cores was spent initially and recurring expenditure of Rs. 5 lakhs per year is earmarked and spent for this purpose. This amount is not diverted elsewhere.


Condition (viii)  :     Regular monitoring and air quality for SPM, SO2 and NOx around the power plant may be carried out and periodical reports be submitted with proper analysis so as to ensure pollution levels within the prescribed norms of the State Pollution Control Board.


Report   :                    Regular monitoring of air quality for SPM, SO2 and NOx is carried out periodically and pollution levels are always within the prescribed norms of the State Pollution Control Board.


Condition (ix):          Workers in the high noise area should be provided with ear protection devices and it should be ensured that noise level do not cross 85 dBA for eight hours exposure.


Report   :                    Ear protection devices such as Mufflers, Ear Plugs are provided to the employees for use in the high noise areas. Noise levels in eight hour exposure area for the working personnel do not cross 85 dBA.


Condition (x):           A separate Environmental Cell with qualified people should be established to ensure compliance with stipulated standard and conditions.


Report   :                    An Environment Cell exists which implement, analyze and monitor different aspects of pollution.


Condition (xi)           The above conditions will be monitored by the Regional Office of this Ministry at Shillong from time to time. The Project authorities should extend full cooperation during monitoring stage by providing necessary data and compliance report to the officials of the Regional office.


Report   :                   The Plant extends full co-operation wherever required.


Condition (xii)          A half yearly report on implementation of safeguards stipulated should be submitted to the Ministry.


Report   :                   Regularly complied.