February 09, 2004



The Chairman

Central Electricity Regulatory Commission

Core-3, Scope Complex

7, Institutional Area

Lodhi Road

NEW DELHI 110 003



Sub: Application for grant of Electricity Trading Licence


Dear Sir,


With reference to Section 14 of “Electricity Act, 2003”, we hereby submit our application for grant of Inter State Electricity Trading Licence for the purpose of power trading on All India basis.


In this connection, we would like to inform you that our Company, DLF Power Ltd is incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956 vide No: 55-32006 dated 8th June, 1968.  The main object of the Company includes inter-alia, generation, transmission, distribution and supply of electrical power.  We are already in the business of electrical power as an Independent Power Producer (IPP).  Based on the government guidelines and opening up of the electrical power business for private sector in the last decade, we have set up power plants in the state of Assam and Jharkhand.  In Assam, we have set up two Combined Cycle Natural Gas based power plants and are supplying power to Assam State Electricity Board (ASEB) as per the Power Purchase Agreement signed with them.  In Jharkhand, we have set up Coal based power plants and are supplying the electrical power to M/s Coal India Ltd (Government of India Undertaking) as per the Power Purchase Agreement signed with them.


Technical Strengths:-


DLF Power Ltd has two divisions viz. (1) EPC Division and (2) Power Generation Division.


The EPC Division of the Company has experienced professionals in the field of electrical power with full capability in the field of design, engineering, procurement, erection & commissioning, project management, financial management such that power plants of all capacities can be set up from concept to commissioning. The EPC Division has set up power plants of various capacities ranging from 3 MW to 85 MW on total turnkey basis for various customers in India.


The Power Generation Division is one of the pioneers in the private sector generation in India by setting up of power plants in the state of Assam and Jharkhand, as explained above and are operating the plants and supplying power to ASEB and Coal India Ltd for the last about 6 to 7 years.


As is evident from the above, our Company is dedicated to business in the area of electrical power and hence consequent to the Electricity Act, 2003 we find it a logical business extension to get into the power trading business.




Financial Strength:-


DLF Power Ltd belongs to DLF Group of Companies and a 100% subsidiary of M/s DLF Universal Ltd who are the biggest real estate and construction company in India.  The assets base of DLF Group of Companies is very large and due to this large asset base, raising of funds from reputed Financial Institutions and Banks is achieved easily.


For the above stated projects set up by DLF Power Ltd on B.O.O. basis in the state of Assam and Jharkhand, a total investment of Rs.347 crores has been done and the means of finance for the above projects are indicated below:-


a)                  Equity                                       : Rs.  83.32 crores

b)                  Loan                                        : Rs.148.00 crores

c)                  Foreign Currency Loan : Rs.  51.87 crores

d)                  Lease Finance              : Rs.  65.00 crores


The net worth of DLF Power Ltd for the past five years is mentioned in the Form I enclosed and the same is reproduced for ready reference.


a)         Year 1998-1999          Rs.10,985.02 lacs

b)         Year 1999-2000          Rs.12,843.22 lacs

c)         Year 2000-2001          Rs.13,035.08 lacs

d)         Year 2001-2002          Rs.13,814.71 lacs

e)         Year 2002-2003          Rs.13,731.66 lacs


Our Company maintains Accounting records and prepares annual financial statements in conformity with Indian Electricity Act.  We are enclosing with this letter annual financial statements for the last 5 years.


In case if any further information is required, we shall be pleased to furnish the same on hearing from you.


Thanking you,



Yours faithfully,







Encls:   As above


Encl:    Demand draft no. 495807 dtd. 19/2/04 for Rs.1 Lac in favour of Assistant Secretary, CERC, New Delhi.





Application Form for grant of Trading Licence



Particulars of the applicant


1.     Name of the applicant                 :       DLF Power Limited

2.     Address                                     :       12th floor, Galleria

                                                                DLF City Phase IV


3.     Name, Designation & Address

    of the contact person                  :       Arun Anand

                                                            Senior General manager

                                                            DLF Power Limited

                                                            12th floor,Galleria

                                                            DLF City Phase IV


4.     Contact Tel.Nos                          :       91-124-5051202

5.     Fax No.                                     :       91-124-2392860

6.     E-mail ID                                   :       headoffice@dlfpower.com

7.     Place of Incorporation/Registration        :       New Delhi

8.     Year of Incorporation/Registration :       1988

9.     Following documents are to be


a)     Certificate of Registration     :       Enclosed

b)               Certificate for commencement

Of Business                                        Enclosed

c)                Original Power of Attorney            Enclosed

Of the signatory to … the

                Applicant or its promoter

d)               Details of Income Tax

Registration                        :       Enclosed












Details of Financial Data of Applicant


10.              Net worth (in equivalent Indian Rupees-conversion to be done at the rate of exchange prevailing at the end of each year) for immediate past 5 (five) financial years. (Specify financial year as applicable)


(DD/MM/YY) to (DD/MM/YY)


                                                                        Indian Rs. In lac

a) Year 1( 4/98  ) to (3/99  )                            10985.02                                   

b) Year 2(4/99) to (3/00)                        12843.22                                   

c) Year 3(4/00) to (3/01)                        13035.08

d) Year 4(4/01) to (3/02)                        13814.71

e) Year 5(4/02 ) to (3/03 )                      13731.66


f)  Copies of Annual Reports or certified audited results to be

     enclosed in support of above.                        Enclosed


11.              Annual Turnover (in equivalent Indian Rupees - conversion to be done at the rate of exchange prevailing at the end of each year) for immediate past 5 (five) financial years. (Specify financial year as applicable)


(DD/MM/YY) to (DD/MM/YY)


                                                                        Indian Rs. In lac

a) Year 1(4/98) to (3/99)                        4920.33

b) Year 2(4/99) to (3/00)                        7539.22

c) Year 3(4/00) to (3/01)                        10032.91

d) Year 4(4/01) to (3/02)                        11371.47

e) Year 5(4/02) to (3/03)                        11175.11


f)  Copies of Annual Reports or certified audited results to be

     enclosed in support of above                                  Enclosed.


12.              List of documents enclosed in support of Sl.Nos. (10) and (11) above:


Name of the documents


a)                 Copy of Annual report for the years


2001-02/2002-03                          Enclosed

13.     a)       Whether applicant himself shall be    Yes

                   financing the proposed trading fully

                   on its own balance sheet


b)                 If, Yes, proposed equity from the

Applicant                                     Not Applicable since it is a existing company. Investment required, if any, will be arranged from internal resources.



14.       In case the applicant proposes to tie up

with some other Agency for equity,

then name & address of such agency:


a)  Name, designation & Address of reference       :         NOT APPLICABLE

     person of the other Agency


b)  Contact Tel. No.                                         :        


c)  Fax No.                                           :


d)  E-mail ID                                         :


e)  Proposed equity from the other Agency


i)           Amount                                      :

ii)          Percentage of total equity              :

iii)         Currency in which the equity is                  :



          f)  Consent letter of the other Agency to

                  associate with the Applicant for equity

                  participation to be enclosed


          g)  Nature of proposed tie-up between

               Applicant and the other agency.


15.     Details of debt proposed for the Trading activity:             NOT APPLICABLE


a)   Details of Lenders                             :

b)    Amount to be sourced from              :

       various lenders

c)    Letters from the lenders in support      :

       of the above to be enclosed


16.        Organizational & Managerial Capability:     Organization Chart is   enclosed

Of Applicant


(Applicant is required to enclose proof of their Organizational & Managerial Capability, in terms of these Regulations, in form of proposed organizational structure & curriculum vitae of various Executives, proposed office and communication facilities etc.)



17        Approach & Methodology:                                                   LATER


(Applicant is required to describe Approach & Methodology for establishment of the Trading arrangements as proposed by the applicant).



(Signature of Applicant)